NWUSS was designated as one of the Super Science High Schools (SSHs) by MEXT in April 2005 and redesignated in 2010. A further designation as a SSH with CORE program was gained.
As a SSH, NWUSS aims to foster human assets with distinctive skills in science and technology for life beyond school in a world of rapid change.

We develop innovative 6-year-curriculum which enables students to develop natural science literacy (NSL), self learning prowess and thinking ability. At the 1st and 2nd stages of the curriculum, from Year 1 to 4, the major focus is on the development of ALL the students’ NSL. At the final stage, Years 5 and 6, the target students are narrowed down to those in the science course. We collaborate with universities and research institutes and offer cutting-edge courses to the students who demonstrate superior skills and interest in science and mathematics.

The school has worked in close partnership with schools in Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, which had a substantial payoff in the form of ISSS (International Salon of Super Science students),ASTY Camp
(Asia Science and Technology Youth Camp) and SCoPE (Science Communication Program for Every student). Students are provided with plenty of opportunity for identifying the problem, solving it by effectively working as a group by using communication skill.

Students’ visit to NWU

The students who have keen interest in science and mathematics form the Science Laboratory as extra-curricular activities.



Poster Presentation

All the participants in ASTY Camp


The school has awarded prestigious prizes as follows:

SSH Japan Student Research Presentation 2007

These awards reflect the quality of our SSH project and fuel our desire to improve even further.