Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The school is fortunate enough to have two well-appointed computer suites, Internet connections and intra-school LANs. These enable students to work on an individual computer interactively instead of taking one-sided lectures. The suites are extensively used for ICT as well as for lessons in other subjects, especially in integrated studies.

ICT classes are offered during each stage. The aims are as follows;

Key Stage 1:Basic Information and Science(Year 1),Information and Expression (Year 2)

  • Basic use of computers as a means of handling information in daily life.
  • Appropriate manners and attitudes involved with the use of the networks.
  • Collecting information, expressing original ideas and transmitting them.

Key Stage 2:Environmental Studies(Year 3),Global Studies(Year 4), Informative Science (Years 3 and 4)

  • Use of computers as a means of handling information.
  • Using a computer to identify problems and determine solutions.

Key Stage 3:Informatics (Year 5)

  • Configuration and function of a computer.
  • Modeling of a problem and its solution based on computers.