History of NWUSS

Nara Women’s Higher Normal Girls’ School founded in 1911 was the predecessor of NWUSS. It was started as an all girls’ school. In 1947 during the postwar educational reforms, Nara Women’s Higher Normal Junior High School started and became coeducational, followed by the establishment of Nara Women’s Higher Normal High School in 1948. With the start of Nara Women’s University, the schools became Nara Women’s University Junior and Senior High Schools Attached to the Faculty of Letters.
They moved to their present site at Kidera-cho, away from the university.

In 1973, school introduced a system integrating junior and senior high schools and they were unified into Nara Women’s University Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Letters in 2000. Finally in 2004, when Nara Women’s University was reorganized as the National University Corporation along with other 88 national universities which had been attached to MEXT, the secondary school became attached to Nara Women’s University instead of the Faculty of Letters and it was named Nara Women’s University Secondary School. Developments since the relocation to the present site have included the gym-cum-auditorium, Integrated Learning Center, renovation of school buildings for earthquake-resistant structures, and complete remodeling of the gym.

We celebrated the 100 anniversary of the school in 2010. Being a school with a long history would make it easy for us to rely on tradition. Yet at the same time we have been forward-looking in the way we focus on continual improvement in all parts of the school education.